Veligandu Island



Because of Veligandu Island's limited size and that only a hotel on the island, it will naturally lead to some restriction of possible activities on the Veligandu islandOn the other hand, the hotel has been very clever in getting the most out of the opportunities and areas that exist on the island. 

Swimming and snorkeling is a natural activity Veligandu Island of course. Right on the beach you can observe the relatively harmless "white tip" and Black tip "sharks that are up to 1.5 meters long. It should have occurred in history that they have bitten people but during feeding and other spec bad assumptions. It is However, when you swim to the edge of the reefs (10-100 m from shore) you really have experienced the abundant wildlife in the sea. Here you can swim among hundreds of fish in all sizes and types. Sometimes you'll see sharks regularly, usually 2-3 simultaneously and occasional turtles and stingrays. 

If you want to take the step further you can go diving center on the island where you can rent everything from scuba and snorkel equipment to participate in organized excursions by boat to particular locations. The center has many tours to choose from with different requirements for skills. 

At the dive center you can rest rent kayaks, sailboards or a small catamaran sailboat.If you need training that is offered, of course this also. It is popular to rent kayaks and take a kayaking trip around the island. 

Middle of the Island is a small football pitch in size resembles what we in Norway call mini-pitch. It is quite possible for guests to borrow / rent the track but in practice it is mainly the island's people who use this free time to play internal matches and compete against teams from other islands. 

It organized several excursions by boat from Veligandu Island. If you are interested in deep sea fishing so arranged excursions for this. Personally, this is a bit wrong after watching the wonderful and harmonious fish life while snorkelling on the island but this is obviously something the individual must be allowed to evaluate themselves. 

If you have chosen a so-called All-Inclusive Plus package you get a couple hour sunset cruise in the package. This is an excursion in the afternoon on a couple of hours where you run out to sea to catch the sunset. Moreover, there are excursions to other major islands with the market and locals, you can take a so-called "Robinson Crusoe" trip where you are transported by boat on a deserted island and left there all alone in a certain number of hours. 

Veligandu Island has a wonderful spa with an equally wonderful staff. It is perhaps more correct to define this as a facility in place of activity but no matter it is recommended that at its strongest. It is advisable to book an appointment first day on the island, both because it may be waiting and that it may be prudent to make treatment on houses that are not sunburned. 

In the evening there will småarrangementer the bar. It can be anything from land crab races at the usual disco. It all gets a very different "situations" than at home while sitting in a beach bar where all windows are drawn from the sea and that the "floor" is replaced with sand. 

Otherwise you will find a full fitness center on the island, of course, with air conditioning. Veligandu Island also has a separate games room with table tennis, billiards and slot machines.

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